Cloud Run I
Cloud Run II
Sun Notch
Moon Rise
Massif, evening
Western Saddle
Little Rock and Big
Rain Storm Passing
A Mountain's Wingspan
Earth Rise
Silhouette of Ranges
Light Table
Patchwork of Light
North Sky Sunset
Rhapsody of Light
Wild Bookends
Unfinished Sky
High Country
Lavender and Blue
Fire Watch
Gray Wolf Peak
Little Yosemite
Cloud Edge
Touch of Cloud
Light Interiors
Snow Dust, Cloud Sweep
Day and Night
Un-barren Ridge
Circa 1905
Moonshine, Starlight, Evening Star
Double Silhouette
Take Five
Light Swirl
Patches of Glow
Rivers of Light
Light Crossing
Tree Light
Snow Returning
Road's End
Shower of Light
Rugged Approach
Fresh Snow
Sweep of Glacier
Cloud Run III
Rugged Smooth
High Country Silhouettes
Moon Cradle
Low Country Silhouettes
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